• precauions


    1. After 2-3 hours of getting your tattoo dressed, remove the protective dressing.

    2. Gently wash tattoo with antibacterial soap with your hands. No washcloths, luffas, sponges, etc.

    3. Pat dry with a clean towel, Do not re-bandage your tattoo.

    4. Do not wet the tattoo for 2 weeks. While bathing, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly like Vaseline over it, to avoid water seeping into the tattoo..

    5. Wear loose clothes, as the tattoo needs to breathe.

    6. Keep tattoo out of direct sunlight.

    7. Keep tattoo out of chlorinated water (pools/hot tubs), salt water (ocean).

    8. After 2-3 days a light crust (scab) will form. Do not pick or scratch it.

    9. Continue to use the antibiotic cream for no more than 3-4 days. After this, switch to a skin moisturizer.

    10. Your tattoo should be completely healed within 10-14 days. To keep your tattoo looking good it is recommended to use a good sun block, to protect your tattoo from harmful UV rays.

    11. After the scabs fall off, it is followed by a thin white flak coat, which would take about another 3-4 days to heal. During this period the tattoo will tend to look really pale and dry. Don’t pick on it. Apply a moisturizer as instructed..If you have ANY questions feel free to email of the artist!